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10 Questions to Barbara Zhuzhelina - Flowercrowns from Dubai.

Once seen my Blog you will notice that I am obsessed with flowery hairbands like the one I wear on the cover. (made by myself)
I think it was about a year ago when I first wore such a flowercrown - it was white and yellow and actually a carnival necklace...well it was love at first sight and although I got hit (literally)  because of my flowers in the same evening I knew that's gonna be my thing.
From then I bought every crown I found and wore it to any occasion.

Since then time has gone and flowercrowns have become something like a trademark for me.
I've worn them to school, to work, at photoshoots (the one above was taken in Berlin by Oliver Rath)  and even to fashion-week to which people refer mostly when recognizing me on the street.

For me personally, flowercrowns are the new punk. In a studded world full of leather inspired Outfits it's the most opposite thing fashion-punks can do  - just step behind and go back to a natural look you haven't seen for years.
Wear them with matching hippie-outfits or just to value up a very clean look  -  flowercrowns will work in both ways!

We have met them on the runway but wearing them in everyday life still is something furious - people haven't got used to it yet. (so don't forget your daily cup of self-confidence while wearing them)
Behind the flowercrown-philosophy there's more then only the latest extra-ordinary accessory hipsters are obsessed with.
Flowercrowns are much older most of us may believe. There's a long tradition of people wearing them, a history which goes back to antiquity and somehow the landed a Comeback the last few seasons!
I am always up to find or create another crown and so I was very glad to see that there's a new Designer  only focusing on this wonderful kind of jewelry!
Barbara Zhuzhelina  is a young fashionlover from Dubai and answers us 10 Questions to her beautiful new brand - Flowercrowns by Barbara Zhuzhelina!

1. Why do you create this kind of jewelry? 

I have always been a big fan of Cult Gaia and their crowns, I never in a million years would have thought I would start making crowns as I was in the works of starting my own graphic tee line and had studied fashion not accessories - but I'm glad I started it, and it's funny to see how each crown improves as my skills get better!

2. How did it all start with the flower crowns?

It all started off with me finding a bunch of clay flowers and thinking they would look really cool as a crown, so I made one, wore it out, and suddenly everyone was asking where it was from and where they could get one!

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

From the flowers! I started off making my own flowers, but with so much demand, I started ordering in different types of flowers from all over the globe. Different flowers give off different vibes and work better in certain ways. I love working with all the different materials (clay/metal/coral/porcelain/resin) in order to make one off pieces!

4. Do you make them alone, by yourself?

I do! Sometimes when my little sister is bored she will come over and bead some as well, but for now it is mostly me, making, tightening, shooting, editing, writing, social media-ing, and pushing them on every level possible! It is such a rush creating it all by myself and knowing that all the hard work is worth it in the end ! 

5. Are you wearing flowercrowns, too?

Of course! Any chance I get! When I am not sitting in my 'cave' working.

6. As a Designer, what kind of people do you want to wear your crowns?

I wouldn't like to limit it to one group of people - I feel that they cater to any sort of girl as they are not too big and over exaggerated, so they are a simple accessory that can be added just to give that extra little touch of fun to an outfit! The fact that there are so many to chose from as well doesn't really limit it to one kind of person.

7. How much are they on average?

Between €28 and €53.

8.Where can people buy your crowns? 

You can get them on our online store at or if you are located in Dubai, Mayflower flower shop also stocks a selection!

9. Are you also planning do create other accessories? 

Definitely! I mean things are only just starting now, I can only imagine as the crowns take off more, things will continue to grow business wise! 

10. What be your greatest wish? 

To have my own Label one day - clothes, accessories, maybe even delve into furniture and at the same time have an art gallery with all my fine art work! That'd be the day! 
Bonus Question: Are there also boys wearing your flower crowns? 
So far you are the first! I think they should! All the androgynous boundaries have been crossed in fashion these days, and I would love to see more guys wearing flower crowns! Or even the skull crowns ! ;)
So now you know what's inside a professionell flower crown-lover's mind! 
On Barbara's Facebookpage you will get to know the huge amount of different crowns and will stay up to date when it comes to sale and other news!
I am absoluteley sure I want one of these crowns and think the great offer (not only floercrowns - some of them even show sculls or other detailed decoration) could maintain the right it-piece for each of us! 
(or at least for the ones who'd wear a flower crown) 
So flowercrown-society - get your head into one of these beautiful pieces straight from dubai! 

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