Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Instant Glamour

Did you ever want your life to be more like a movie? I did.... or wait, I do!
And that's exactly the reason why I try to keep my personal glam-level higher than the rest of the grey thing people use to call norm.
If you're thinking what the hell is he talking about, here are three rules for instant glamour (and if there's not enough drama in your life (you're boring....just kidding) it will at least look like that).

Channel your inner diva/divo.
It all starts with the outfit (sure, as always). Don't worry about being overdressed. I just don't know (like) this word because in my opinion you can't be overdressed, if it looks like you were, the other ones are just not dressed appropriately (believe in what I say, I feel like this every morning).
Put on a ton of jewelry and wear clothes which say Yes, I can do it but on you it would look like a total mess. Make sure that there is always something like a jacket embroidered with sequins or any other kind of light reflecting applications, completing your look. Sounds strange? It is ... and it's makes you feel so fabulous!
Also get used to accessories like huge sunglasses, a turban (or a hat) and any other sort of fashion gadget that will hide you're having a not so fab hair-day.

When it comes to food and drinks there's only one thing you have to be careful with. You are what you eat, so try to fill your stomach only with delicacies which make you feel sexy, glamourous and especially not fat. You can eat Sushi, Salad and just avoid almost any thing you imagine to be delicious. Yeah, it's just that easy.

One way to push your glam-ego rapidly is to drink out of super-chic tumblers, like the one of a Martini or Champaign. That way you won't get drunk so fast and will get the feeling that every day can be a special occasion in the fairytale called life.

The last step to complete the total Diva-makeover is to talk like a real one.
Make words like fabulous, magnificent or distasteful part of your everyday vocabulary and your image-change will be astonishing!
In the end of it all, theres only one monumental quotation you have to remember, made by the one and only Paris Hilton (in her glorious times): ALWAYS ACT LIKE YOU'RE WEARING A CROWN. I DO.
It might sound easy but it's more complicated it seems to be.
Of course you can wear a real crown if you want, but you can do it my way and try to live this quot. every single day.... and Ok, put on a Tiara in very special days. ;)

You know that you love me.

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